Equine Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Care

stretch-dennie.jpgLike humans horses also suffer from musculo-skeletal problems such as back pain, muscle strains, soft tissue problems and they also require rehabilitation after injury or surgery. There can be many signs of showing discomfort, eg. change of behaviour, moving differently, poor performance...

It is the aim of Equine Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Care to achieve relaxation in deeper tissue structures and optimize joint mobility to improve and maintain optimal well being and performance.


Incorporating Equine Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Care into your horses health management on a regular basis will help to:pic10

  • Improve performance
  • Solve training problems
  • Prevent/reduce risk of injuries by detecting early signs of adaptive compensation
  • Assisting healing processes to improve speed of recovery and quality of healing
  • To be in the best physical condition and maintain it

Equine Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Care is not considered as an alternative to Veterinary treatment, but rather as a supplement treatment in the post injury phase and as part of a preventative maintenance programme.