Matrix Therapy

pic14.pngThe Matrix Therapy is a specific kind of therapy, concentrating on the skeletal muscle. It applies deep penetrating remedial massage and mechanically loosens up the deep intermediate cellfabric (extracellular matrix). It removes muscle hardenings, tension and it activates the blood, lymph and nerve system supply.

The Matrix Therapy, scientifically researched and approved, is applied effectively in the human field of prevention, recovery and rehabilitation, (Ref: Bernhard Dickreiter). It has also been successfully used for years in the veterinary treatment for small and large animals.

For horses, it has proved to be effective for the following indications:

  • Muscle hardenings, contractions, spasms
  • tendon lesions
  • Improvement of limited joint mobility
  • Back/neck problems
  • Improvement of elasticity of scar tissue
  • Support of veterinary rehabilitation plans
  • Support of osteopath and chiropractic treatment

pic12.png pic12.png

The Matrix Therapy is also used:

  • to prevent musculo-skeletal problems
  • to optimise mobility
  • to prepare for competitions
  • to regenerate the body system after high performance
  • to support the horse's overall health and well being

The Physical Theory of the Matrix Therapy

pic4.pngMuscles are nourished by blood circulation. Small blood vessels, the capillaries, go through the muscle. They end in the tissue that encloses each individual cell. This tissue is called extracellular matrix (EZM). From the EZM, the nutrients pass through the semi-permeable cell membrane from the blood into the cell interior, provide the body cell with its demands and sufficiently removes metabolic waste products.

These processes can only proceed without interruption, if the mobility of the tissue is guaranteed and the extracellular tissue is in good liquid condition.

A contracted or scarred muscle forces the capillaries away and obstructs the nutrient supply to the extracellular matrix. The more gel-like and stickier it is, the worse the exchange. The cell area concerned cannot be sufficiently provided with vital nutrients and the removal of metabolic waste products is interrupted.

The Matrix Therapy has a lasting effect on the cell and the extracellular matrix . It has a purpose-built resonator which generates mechanical vibrations that have a deep penetrating stretching impulse on the muscle. With a variable frequency setting of 8 25 Hz, the therapeutic focus can be aimed at individual needs of certain muscle areas. As a result of the stimulation, the tissue becomes mobilized, permeable and elastic again and the metabolic processes between the cells and the extracellular matrix will proceed and take part in the body's recovery.