About Nicolett

pic17Nicolett has been with horses since her childhood.

After achieving a Masters degree in Science of Education in 1994, Nicolett started to work full time on professional stud farms for warmbloods in Germany gaining a vast experience in horse breeding & keeping, breaking in & schooling.

She qualified with a Diploma in Horse Breeding, Training and Care.

During years of working with high profile sporthorses in Dressage & Showjumping, Nicolett developed a passion for Horse Anatomy & Biomechanics.

She then worked & studied for - all together - 2.5 years at the German Institute for Horse Osteopathy (DIPO), which is a well established educational centre since 1997 with an integrated dressage stable. There she qualified as an Equine Physiotherapist. During her time in the institute, Nicolett took part in & assisted all equine courses several times, such as Physiotherapy, Accupressure, Stress-Point-Therapy (Jack Meagher), Fascial Release Techniques, First aid for horses, Saddle-fitting, Nutrition. She also carried out treatments for horses including Laser-therapy, Matrix-Therapy, Medication, as well as assisting with numerous equine osteopathy treatments.

lecture pic.jpgSince January 2006 Nicolett is permanently based in New Zealand. Here she has been tutoring and coaching students at the National Equestrian Academy for 6 years. Nicolett is an accomplished rider and holds an ESNZ coaching certificate.

In 2010 Nicolett founded the "Living Anatomy of the Horse". It offers Physiotherapy/Chiropractic Care for your horse as well as high quality education for Horse Owners and Professionals to gain a sound knowledge about modern concepts in Health Management for Horses.

In March 2012 Nicolett worked alongside vets/veterinary surgeons in an equine referral hospital for 2.5 years. There she attended surgeries, scintigraphic examinations and did the physiotherapeutic post-management in several cases. 

flyer pic.jpgIn August 2012 Nicolett commenced intensive clinical Training in Equine Chiropractic Care with Dr. Joy White (Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Veterinary Chiropractor).

Since September 2014 she works as self employed and as an Associate of Dr. Joy White.

Nicolett annually visits the "Deutsches Institut fuer Pferdeosteopathie" DIPO for her own CPD and to catch up with expert knowledge in current developments, research and education in health management for horses.