Living Anatomy of the Horse is a professional and innovative Equine Physical Therapy & Education Service in New Zealand. I am dedicated & passionate about helping your horse to achieve the best possible level of performance & well-being. I'm commited to providing education, because the more knowledge we gain, the better we can connect with our horse's body and understand how it moves!



Nicolett Geldermann, MEd, University of Cologne, Diploma in Equine Breeding, Training and Care, qualified at the Agricultural Chamber Rhineland; Equine Physiotherapist DIPO, qualified at the German Institute for Horse Osteopathy/DIPO, Duelmen. In August 2012 Nicolett commenced intensive clinical Training in Equine Chiropractic Care.She is also has her Qualification in Dry Needling and Flexible Taping for horses. Nicolett is an FEI Permitted Equine Therapist.

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